What people are saying about Sarah Harrison

  • A thoroughly enjoyable novel with a strong feel-good factor … and buckets of charm.

    Matters Arising – Booklist

  • Harrison shows herself to be more than equal to the complexities of her plot … impeccable timing.

    The Times

  • A nice dry, wry style … you who have tears to shed, prepare to shed them now

    Northern Echo

  • A work of extraordinary fictional daring … assured … always convincing

    Weekend Telegraph

  • Highly comical … highly entertaining

    Jersey Evening Post

  • A consummate storyteller

    Woman & Home


All my books are listed here – you’ll see I’ve used my own style of classification based on chatting to readers over the years. Use the links in the sidebar or click the items below to find out more about my books.

If a book’s out of print you’ll be able to find it in your local library, or on Amazon using the links provided.

The Red Dress

We follow the progress of a gorgeous handmade dress through five different owners, and see how their lives are changed by possession of something uniquely beautiful.

Returning the Favour

Celeste has been doing favours for her philandering father and three selfish brothers her whole life. But when, in her thirties, she falls madly in love with a man they despise and disapprove of more, it’s time for the worm to turn…

Rose Petal Soup

Joss and Nico are made for each other. They’ve weathered tough times, his peccadilloes and her bouts of the blues. But nothing they’ve been through has prepared for them for the man their tricky daughter marries…

An Imperfect Lady

Addy is the girl with everything: a happy and privileged upbringing, friends, wealth and talent. But when it comes to love she’s a disaster, a classic case of the woman who loves not wisely but too well.

The Grass Memorial

An officer in the Light Brigade, an American fighter pilot flying out of East Anglia in WWII, and a singer-songwriter - have one numinous place in common: the Bronze Age white horse blazoned on a hillside in southern England.