What people are saying about Sarah Harrison

  • A thoroughly enjoyable novel with a strong feel-good factor … and buckets of charm.

    Matters Arising – Booklist

  • A work of extraordinary fictional daring … assured … always convincing

    Weekend Telegraph

  • Harrison’s cinematic story has it all: history, war, passion, love, and heartbreaking loss.

    The Grass Memorial – Library Journal

  • A delightful, funny, painful, sad tale … a real treat.

    Rose Petal Soup – Booklist

  • Highly comical … highly entertaining

    Jersey Evening Post

  • A nice dry, wry style … you who have tears to shed, prepare to shed them now

    Northern Echo


All my books are listed here – you’ll see I’ve used my own style of classification based on chatting to readers over the years. Use the links in the sidebar or click the items below to find out more about my books.

If a book’s out of print you’ll be able to find it in your local library, or on Amazon using the links provided.

The Divided Heart

A love-story, originally intended for Mills & Boon, who turned it down – unsurprisingly, since in those days M & B fictional love affairs ended with the closing of the bedroom door, and my story has an unmarried couple making out on the hearthrug…

Swan Music

Appi, is fixated by a strange, half-lit portrait of Ashe and is influenced by the man she sees there. Even from beyond the grave Ashe’s influence is not benign, and we know before she does that her story will not end well.

The Nightingale’s Nest

We first meet the real, living John Ashe in the 1920s, seen through the eyes of this book’s young female narrator, Pamela Griffe, and share the horror and fascination she feels for him.

A Spell of Swallows

The Final – and darkest – novel in the sequence that began with Swan Music. In 1919 John Ashe, disfigured and damaged by his experiences in the war, looks down on the lovely English village of Eadenford and says simply: ‘This’ll do.’

The Next Room

A young single mother, is haunted by a troubled childhood and the violent relationship between her parents. When she and her daughter move house she is troubled by strange and terrifying events, and it’s not long before she realises that a different sort of haunting has begun…