A Flower That’s Free
  • Orion
  • May 2013
  • Paperback / 766 pages
  • ISBN: 0751502332

A Flower That’s Free

Both I and my publisher wanted there to be a sequel to The Flowers of the Field, but I was so stunned by the success of the first book that the second was a while coming.

Nearly two years elapsed before I hit on the idea of introducing an entirely new central character, that the book took off. Kate Kingsley is a prickly, defensive, bloody-minded young woman who leaves her adopted parents in Kenya (Thea and Jack) for the restrictive society and febrile atmosphere of England between the wars. It’s Kate’s search for love and identity among strangers and secrets that inform the story, which carries the Tennant and Kingsley families through the Second World War.

The title is taken from Noel Coward’s poignant, patriotic song ‘London Pride’.

I’m absolutely thrilled that this, along with The Flowers of the Field, is going to be reissued by Orion, who will also publish the new third book in the trilogy, The Wildflower Garden.

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