An Imperfect Lady
  • Time Warner Paperbacks
  • November 1995
  • Paperback / 768 pages
  • ISBN: 0751515760

An Imperfect Lady

‘Why have such scores of lovely, gifted girls
Married impossible men..?’

So wrote Robert Graves in his poem A Slice of Wedding Cake, and he had a point. Ever been astonished by the people that other people fall in love with? If you want proof that Cupid is a knavish lad, you only have to look around.

That was the starting point for An Imperfect Lady. I also wanted to subvert the literary genre of the woman who starts out with nothing, but rises to great heights of wealth and success fuelled by the need to avenge herself on some wretched man who wronged her way back when.

Adeline Farrell – ‘Addy’ – is the girl with everything: a happy and privileged upbringing, friends, wealth and talent. But when it comes to love she’s a disaster, a classic case of the woman who loves not wisely but too well. I hope the reader will want to shout ‘Don’t do it!’ as yet again Addy puts everything on the line – and loses a great deal of it - for some wildly unsuitable amour.

Her greatest love ends in tragedy, but Addy has lived her life to the full, with no regrets, and her own story draws to a close happily, ‘the world well lost for love’.

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