Both Your Houses
  • Time Warner Paperbacks
  • June 1996
  • Paperback / 376 pages
  • ISBN: 0751515833

Both Your Houses

Ideas often come from taking a familiar scenario and inverting it. In this case I began with the notion of star-crossed lovers from warring families – Romeo and Juliet is the archetype – and asked myself: ‘What if it’s the other way round? What if the lovers are the children of families who are friends? And then they break up, messily? What would the fall-out be like?’

Usually I’m a staunch advocate of the satisfying ending, but it would have been quite wrong for this book to offer easy answers and a neat resolution. This is a real, sad and very modern dilemma.

The title you’ll recognise as being from Romeo and Juliet: ‘A plague on both your houses!’ And so, I’m afraid, it is.

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