The Nightingale’s Nest
  • Hodder & Stoughton
  • February 2006
  • Hardback / 592 pages
  • ISBN: 0340828552

The Nightingale’s Nest

We first meet the real, living John Ashe in the 1920s, seen through the eyes of this book’s young female narrator, Pamela Griffe, and share the horror and fascination she feels for him.

Pamela turned out to be one of my favourite female characters and I loved writing the story from her perspective. She’s generous and hard-working, but tough-minded too, able to hold her own in any company, and to keep that little bit of herself back so she can never be owned or exploited.

She goes to work for the immensely powerful Ashe and becomes the guardian of his secrets…but in Pamela, Ashe has met his match.

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