And now for something completely different… COMEDY

This is a new departure for me, a leap into the unknown that’s right up there with bungee-jumping.

I hugely enjoy giving the talks – libraries, litfests, literary lunches - that go with being a published author, and over the years have branched out into more general public-speaking with the emphasis on entertainment. I soon discovered the truth of the saying that there are few highs like that of getting a terrific laugh, a few years ago I took the plunge and entered the Funny Women Awards, etc.

To my surprise I got through to the semi-finals, but not without learning a tough lesson in just how different stand-up is from other forms of entertainment – and how difficult.  Since then I have won Silver Stand-up Best Newcomer and have performed my first paid gig (Castle Comedy in Bedford - £10!)

This is definitely something I’ll continue with. In fact I may well be coming to an open mic near you.

Not to mention… PULSATILLAS!

‘If the road of life is rocky and the hound-dog’s biting you,
We can recommend a remedy that’s sure to pull you through,
The flower of British womanhood will put the blues to flight,
Let the Pulsatillas thrill you, and make you feel alright…’

When I was writing The Grass Memorial I tried my hand at composing a couple of songs for the character of Stella, and these became part of the promotion for the novel.

Since then I’ve often had ideas for songs and these became the genesis for a show which would also include comedy and verse. It was when multi-talented musician Ros Holbrow came on board that we became Pulsatillas, and the project took off. Our material’s all original, and almost all for laughs but there are poignant moments, too.

Pulsatillas! had their world premier in autumn 2011, and since then our unique blend of wicked wit, knockabout comedy and honest sentiment is going down a storm with audiences. Check out Pulsatillas! website if you are interested.