A Dangerous Thing
  • Severn House
  • February 2003
  • Hardback / 288 pages
  • ISBN: 0727872125

A Dangerous Thing

This was my first novel, written when I was in my early twenties, not long married and expecting my first baby. It failed to find a home back then, so I was delighted when Severn House elected to publish it – especially as when I re-read it I thought it held up very well!

It’s a time-slip thriller. The hero is a London academic living in the country while he recovers from a breakdown, who believes he has witnessed a murder that has yet to happen. There begins a race against time as he tries to prevent the tragedy happening, but as events unfold it he realises that everything is even more mysterious, and darker, than it seemed at first.

A little knowledge is certainly, in this story, a very dangerous thing…

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