Life after Lunch
  • Hodder & Stoughton
  • February 1997
  • Paperback / 326 pages
  • ISBN: 0340694998

Life after Lunch

This is the first of four contemporary love stories with catchy alliterative titles – the others being Flowers won’t Fax, That was Then and Heaven’s on Hold.

I had the idea for Life after Lunch when I realised I was approaching what might be termed the ‘early afternoon of life’ (and as Dorothy Parker famously said, there’s only one thing that afternoons are good for and it’s seldom available to a busy woman).

Laura, a loving wife and grandmother, falls into a passionate affair not long after her silver wedding. But Life is a book where the devil doesn’t get all the best tunes and I defy any woman not to fall in love with Laura’s husband Glyn, who is sexy, sympathetic and wise.

Families again – much to recognise, and to laugh at, but be prepared to shed a few tears, too, especially at a scene near the end of the book, involving a child, which made even the author cry…

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